Saturday, 6 April 2013


Posterous, I'm sad to see you go. We've had a rare few encounters, but sadly you decided to close doors. It was a real pleasure, however. My favorite feature was the blog by email. I know that Blogger has it. It's not quite as good because I have no chance at remembering the special email address.

I've had several attempts with blogging, but generally I find it strange to write something without a specific audience. On the other hand, I need a creative outlet - one of which is writing. Do you have any suggestions on blog writing?

I will be using this blog in an attempt to organize my thoughts. So, if you do follow this, then expect to see things like tutorials and explanations of desperate things that will - hopefully - become coherent at some point.


  1. I use my blog to keep informed people who I wouldn't generally reach out too because I'm too busy, but who want to know what's happening in my life and with whom I'd like to share those happenings. Thoughts, creative writing, observations, things that touched me in some meaningful way and bday shout outs make their way into my blog. Of course, sense making of my thoughts is somewhere in there too :). Looking forward to reading!

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